An Afternoon Down in the Cu Chi Tunnels, Vietnam

Our trip to Vietnam was actually shorter than I had hoped, but fortunately I got to fulfill one of the craziest experiences of my life so far: I went down into the Cu Chi tunnels deep inside the Vietnamese jungle. Continue reading “An Afternoon Down in the Cu Chi Tunnels, Vietnam”

Silence in the Killing Fields, Cambodia

I contemplated not writing this post. Then I thought about why the The Killing Fields is actually open to the public, yes maybe it brings in tourists and generates revenue for the country, but it also keeps the memories alive of those affected my the Khmer Rouge, and to remind the world the effect such a group had on society in the 1970’s. Continue reading “Silence in the Killing Fields, Cambodia”

Glen Etive: How to Find James Bond’s Famous Skyfall Location

Heading up to Glencoe, I was given so many recommendation on what to do, what to see and where to visit; but with the constant torrential rain and low cloud, it was difficult to go very far without putting our lives in danger. Continue reading “Glen Etive: How to Find James Bond’s Famous Skyfall Location”

7 Travel Post Ideas

I wouldn’t class myself as a travel blogger. I sit at my dining room table and write about my holidays, experiences abroad and weekend getaways – not to mention a few Glasgow days out guides and restaurant reviews. It’s my life and unique to me. Not many people can say they have been abandoned in a Cambodian Crocodile Farm or stuck at the Malaysian Border but  I have and that’s what makes me different from other bloggers out there. Continue reading “7 Travel Post Ideas”

Travelling Mistakes: Stuck at the Malaysian Border

I’ve made a few fair mistakes in my travels (here), but this one takes the biscuit.

The furthest I had travelled without my parents was New York, but it was pretty straight forward, we booked wtih a travel agent and we filled out our visa on the plane 30 minutes before landing. Easy Peasy. But no, not in Asia. Continue reading “Travelling Mistakes: Stuck at the Malaysian Border”

The Best Way to See Hyde Park

London is one of the places that I hold dearly to my heart, along with New York. I always say I’m a city gal, and whatever city I am in is my favourite – but truthfully I can’t actually choose! So one way a city can sway my opinion is not only an easy transport system (check) but also plenty of green space for walking and relaxing. Continue reading “The Best Way to See Hyde Park”

The Best View of Glasgow

With Glasgow showing signs of spring (and patches of winter) we decided to make the most of the sunshine and calm weather. I love going on little spontaneous adventures  or road trips, even if we don’t get out the car, I just love seeing new things. I hate sitting in the house. So after running some errands, I did what I usually do when I don’t want to go home; this is how the conversation goes: Continue reading “The Best View of Glasgow”

You Only Hate The Road When You’re Missing Home

Passenger got it right with this one.

I’ve only been blogging for about four months now, but already I’ve noticed that blogs are showing the transparency that outlets such as Instagram seek to manipulate. With a strong interest in travel, it’s no surprise I see a lot of Instagram accounts showcasing idyllic, picture-perfect locations that are cropped, filtered and optimised to evoke the viewers jealousy; but that’s not what travel is about. Yes, a lot of my posts have images of stunning foreign environments, but if you read the words, you will see that everything isn’t hunky-dory all the time. Traveling is tough: bags are heavy, money dwindles, you share your living space with strangers and sometimes you just take it all out on your other half.  Continue reading “You Only Hate The Road When You’re Missing Home”

Dinner, Dessert & Drinks: My 24 Hours in Glasgow

Despite living in central Glasgow for my entire 24 years, I still read blog posts and reviews on things to do, places to eat etc. because it is such an abundance of creativity, worldwide food, live music, elite sport, history, culture – the list is non-exhaustive. There are constantly places popping up in every corner that is pushing the social boundaries of the city. Continue reading “Dinner, Dessert & Drinks: My 24 Hours in Glasgow”

Ticking off my Bucket List: John O’Groats

Back in November I traveled up to Golspie with Jamie’s family for his mum’s birthday. I published posts on where we stayed and the top 5 things to do in the Highlands, but I wanted to go into more detail about John O’Groats as it was always a place on my bucket list. It’s one of those places, there isn’t much there but it’s great to say you’ve been and to take the iconic image beside the pole. Continue reading “Ticking off my Bucket List: John O’Groats”