Finding The Real New York & The True Kindness of Locals

I travelled to New York with one of my best friends in 2010, we were only 17 and 18 years old, so nowhere near the US legal drinking age; but that wasn’t what our trip was about. In the lead up to the trip, so many people asked me what I was most excited about – Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Central Park, Shopping? But it wasn’t any of those. I simply said I would be happy to stand in Manhattan and people watch, just take in the culture and customs, observe the everyday New Yorker¬†going to work, buy a bagel and ride the subway to Brooklyn.

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Natural History Museum, New York

I am a MASSIVE geek, so a trip to the Natural History Museum seemed like an obvious choice when I visited New York; if I didn’t work in Marketing, I think I would be a paleontologist. Continue reading “Natural History Museum, New York”

Being Ignorant of Other Cultures

Although I had traveled to New York without my parents when I was only 18, living in Asia was a massive culture shock and one that I welcomed with open arms. I was excited to lose myself for a while (or find myself?), let go of my normal responsibilities and splurge the money I had saved on buckets of cocktails, remote island boat trips and full-moon parties. However, with my excitement of letting loose, I had totally forgot to research what is was actually like to live in Asia!

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