4 Basic but Serious Things To Remember Before Travelling

Reading blogs is one of the ways I always prepare for travelling, no matter how short or long I might be away. And there are certain things that people forget about (understandably) during the hype of planning your travels, accommodation, finances and activities. Hopefully these points will help you have safe, smooth and healthy travels! Continue reading “4 Basic but Serious Things To Remember Before Travelling”

A Quick Guide to Cycling the Isle of Cumbrae

Last year I set myself a few summer goals, a few things I wanted to see and activities I wanted to do; and one of them was cycling around Cumbrae. The Island of Cumbrae might be better known for its only town – Millport. On a very windy but sunny May day, we did just that. I wanted to create this guide for anyone either thinking about going and hesitant of what to expect, or those who never even knew what a great day out Cumbrae could be. Continue reading “A Quick Guide to Cycling the Isle of Cumbrae”

The Ultimate Guide To an Awesome Road Trip: The Do’s & Don’ts

Last weekend saw me and four friends set off on our epic road-trip from Glasgow to Cambridge to visit one of our best friends. We had done this once before back in July 2015, and safe to say we had learned from a few of the rookie mistakes we made. So I’ve compiled a list of hints, tips, tricks and do’s and don’ts to make sure you have the comfiest, most efficient and relaxing journey! Continue reading “The Ultimate Guide To an Awesome Road Trip: The Do’s & Don’ts”

8 Tips For Travelling The World With Your Partner

I’ve been lucky enough to have travelled to some amazing parts of the world with my boyfriend, and yes it isn’t always glorious. I can honestly say we very rarely argue, in fact I don’t think we’ve ever argued. But when you’re stressed, under immense pressure, tired and in a foreign land, the only way to relieve those pent up feelings is to take it out on the person to your immediate left. Poor J.  Continue reading “8 Tips For Travelling The World With Your Partner”

7 Travel Post Ideas

I wouldn’t class myself as a travel blogger. I sit at my dining room table and write about my holidays, experiences abroad and weekend getaways – not to mention a few Glasgow days out guides and restaurant reviews. It’s my life and unique to me. Not many people can say they have been abandoned in a Cambodian Crocodile Farm or stuck at the Malaysian Border but  I have and that’s what makes me different from other bloggers out there. Continue reading “7 Travel Post Ideas”

5 Singapore Laws You Might Not Know About

Often dubbed a ‘fine’ country, and that it is. The Singapore streets are well-known for being clean and tidy, I even remember telling family when I returned “It’s like New York but cleaner.” And the reason for its flawlessness is the many laws that are enforced on a daily basis, ones that you might not even consider and hence get you into trouble. Continue reading “5 Singapore Laws You Might Not Know About”

5 Tips To Survive In Thailand

If you’re planning a trip to Thailand I’m pretty sure you’ve researched the hell out of your destination, whether it be Bangkok, Phuket or somewhere up north like Chiang Mai, then you probably already know what excursions you’re going on, what hostel you’re staying at or even a few favourite bars that people have recommended. But what a lonely planet book won’t tell you is to be vigilant of scams, tricks etc. Now Thais were one of the most polite and friendly people I met on my travels, even the police stopped us to give some advice on the best mode of transport to get to our hotel from the train station! But despite all the positives, there are always negatives, just like any country you visit. So I’ve written five things that will hopefully allow you to have a smooth and happy holiday! Continue reading “5 Tips To Survive In Thailand”