10 Things To Do in Budapest

One of the things I said to myself when I finished university and took on a full-time job was to continue travelling, especially into Europe as it would be easy access. However, after going to Budapest once, I really really want to go back for a second time. Continue reading “10 Things To Do in Budapest”

Visiting a Cat Cafe in Budapest

I always like to go out of my comfort zone when travelling. So what do you do when you have a few hours to spare before hitting the airport to go home? You go to a cat cafe of course! If you’re wondering what a cat cafe is, then it is exactly as it suggests…. a cafe where you go to have a coffee and a cake and relax…surrounded by cats. Continue reading “Visiting a Cat Cafe in Budapest”

The Cutest Hostel In Budapest

So back in 2013, I finished all my university exams and decided before I went travelling around Asia with my boyfriend, that I would fly over to Budapest to meet up with a few girls I knew that were travelling through Europe (I would’ve went with them, but I wanted to graduate in person). Continue reading “The Cutest Hostel In Budapest”