Being Ignorant of Other Cultures

Although I had traveled to New York without my parents when I was only 18, living in Asia was a massive culture shock and one that I welcomed with open arms. I was excited to lose myself for a while (or find myself?), let go of my normal responsibilities and splurge the money I had saved on buckets of cocktails, remote island boat trips and full-moon parties. However, with my excitement of letting loose, I had totally forgot to research what is was actually like to live in Asia!

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Photo Diary: 24 Hours on The Phi Phi Islands

Before heading across to Cambodia we had a whirlwind tour of the Phi Pi Islands just a short boat journey from Phuket. One of the most amazing things we did was go snorkeling in the crystal clear waters just off of the Island – breathtaking views and colourful fish swimming around you, what more could you want?! Continue reading “Photo Diary: 24 Hours on The Phi Phi Islands”

Why You Should Put Bangkok Zoo on Your Itinerary: The Strange Things We Witnessed

I love Thailand, and once again it delivered! Visiting Bangkok Zoo wasn’t originally on our Thailand itinerary but we had a few hours to spare before catching a quick flight down to Phuket, so rather than sitting in the hotel relaxing on the rooftop pool we thought we would make the most of the day and head to the zoo!¬† Continue reading “Why You Should Put Bangkok Zoo on Your Itinerary: The Strange Things We Witnessed”

5 Tips To Survive In Thailand

If you’re planning a trip to Thailand I’m pretty sure you’ve researched the hell out of your destination, whether it be Bangkok, Phuket or somewhere up north¬†like Chiang Mai, then you probably already know what excursions you’re going on, what hostel you’re staying at or even a few favourite bars that people have recommended. But what a lonely planet book won’t tell you is to be vigilant of scams, tricks etc. Now Thais were one of the most polite and friendly people I met on my travels, even the police stopped us to give some advice on the best mode of transport to get to our hotel from the train station! But despite all the positives, there are always negatives, just like any country you visit. So I’ve written five things that will hopefully allow you to have a smooth and happy holiday! Continue reading “5 Tips To Survive In Thailand”