Glen Etive: How to Find James Bond’s Famous Skyfall Location

Heading up to Glencoe, I was given so many recommendation on what to do, what to see and where to visit; but with the constant torrential rain and low cloud, it was difficult to go very far without putting our lives in danger.

Instead of doing the usual touristy stuff, we used the hotel wifi to find out the exact location of that famous James Bond scene in Skyfall where he is standing with M just overlooking the rolling hills.

How to get there

If you’re coming from Glasgow (or even South of Glencoe) you head north on the A82. You’ll eventually come across the well-signposted Glencoe Visitor Centre (skiing and chair lift) on your left hand side, keep driving past this and take your first left. This will take you on to a very long single track road. As the road is unmarked and not signposted very much, it was difficult to tell how far along the road was until we found the exact spot, maybe driving for 15 minutes at about 10mph. (I’ve embedded a map below.)

IMG_3962 (800x533)

We stupidly didn’t screen-cap the image from the movie so had to remember the picture straight from memory. Here’s my effort:

James Bond2

IMG_3980 (800x533)

We spent a good hour driving along this tiny road, stopping in the little ‘passing places’ to take photos of the snow-capped mountains, flowing river and gushing waterfalls. As you can see from the image going into the road, the weather changed dramatically. That’s Scotland for you!

IMG_3985 (800x533)IMG_3988 (800x533)IMG_3993 (800x533) (2)IMG_3994 (800x533)

Have you ever visited a famous movie location?


6 thoughts on “Glen Etive: How to Find James Bond’s Famous Skyfall Location

  1. I’ve been to the little church in Greece where the weeding in the movie “Mamma Mia” takes place! And also I walked along the port where the boats start to drive to the island they’re living on. xx

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