Road Trip to Glencoe

I was hoping our road trip from Glasgow to Glencoe would be full of bright blue skies and rolling green hills. Unfortunately not, it was rainy rainy rainy…and the night forecasted for a visit from storm Katie. Being true scots, we dug out our North Face’s and wellies and set off with our google maps lady shouting at us. This was our holiday after all, and I was determined we were going to have a brilliant time.

“There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing.”

That’s my motto in life anyway.

With the grey skies and boring motorway, there wasn’t much to see until we had hit Callander – a little town situated in Stirling. It’s one of my favourite little places, it’s not too far away from home but far away enough to think you are on holiday. It was the first place I had ever went camping and has an amazing sweet shop! The town really is a wee gem!


After passing through Callander, the roads started to get a lot more rural, and it was great to finally be cupped inside enormous hills. Even in the car and in the rain, the views were breathtaking.  The A82 is the main, super long road up to Glencoe and has lots of little parking bays that everyone stops in (including tour buses) to take photos of the hills. I went out and grabbed a few..


After jumping in and out of the car to take photos, we decided to grab some lunch before checking in to our hotel. We visited the The Quarry cafe which was situated inside an information centre just round the corner from out hotel – The Isles of Glencoe. As always, both of us got the Mac n Cheese! And after scoffing our faces we went across and checked-in to our room.

IMG_3882 (800x533)IMG_3876 (800x533)

I must admit, the farmhouse toast won me over! Mmmmm!

Have you ever been to Glencoe?
What’s your ideal staycation?


10 thoughts on “Road Trip to Glencoe

  1. I haven’t been to Glencoe…yet, but it is definitely on my list of camera adventures around Scotland. A list that seems to grow by the day.

    One question and forgive me is this is an incredibly stupid newbie style question but it is about taking photos in the rain – which as we both know is always a possibility in Scotland.

    I got my camera for Christmas, it has quickly become my pride and joy. As such I want to protect it, it is my precious! Does taking pictures in the rain ruin it? Are there accessories that you can buy or is the camera durable enough to withstand the test of Scottish weather? It is quite an expensive piece of equipment to leave to trial and error.

    p.s. The wing mirror shot is great.

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  2. Shame it was so wet – we thought we would have to abandon our Tour de Loch Rannoch du Tandem if rain continued into Easter Sunday – but it was a beautiful day in Highland Perthshire on the other side of the Moor!

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  3. I just found your blog from the comment you left on my post and I am so happy to read this. I travelled to Glencoe a few years back and think it is one of the most incredibly photogenic places I have been.

    I am even jealous of the weather – I live in India and we’re approaching the hot season. I am just too lethargic to do anything most of the time and I am tired of feeling constantly sticky. Wearing jeans and a hoodie to stand in the rain would be an absolute dream right now!

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    1. Cool, welcome! Yeah it really is an amazing place, including the surrounding areas and the drive up from down south.
      Ha! Aw I know the feeling, the grass always seems greener on the other side though!


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